Dove's Silver Marches Campaign

The Road to Adbar

and other things...

With the arrival of Than and the remaining shareholders, two unexpected fellows with suspect stories of how they came by their ownership, we swiftly got to the business of running the business.

Notably the inn owners were now obligated to clear any sales to non-partners, thus ideally preventing any more strangers showing up at the door claiming ownership. Beyond that were granted permission for Braund to continue his productions at the theater, and then set about deciding if we would take up one of the missions proposed.

Unsure about these seemingly new allies, especially given past experiences, Grael grudgingly agreed to participate, primarily because he was low on funds and had a new temple to see about founding. He grew more suspicious when they both argued in favor for working with Alustriel. Fortunately the old company ruled the day and we set forth to see to the needs of the dwarves in distant Adbar. Before we left the head of the legions dropped off a book taken from the kobolds, a noble gesture, though more likely an attempt to spy for the witch of the marches.

On the road we encountered orcs, we took them down with relative ease, and kept one for questioning. Grael made sure to cut the ears off them, for proof when we reached Abdar of our goodwill and skill. Questioning the survivor may yet prove even more fruitful, or not, but one can hope.



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