Dove's Silver Marches Campaign

Victory is in the Eye of the Beholder

Thankfully they didn't have any dire weasels...

Arriving early Grael and Mikael had a somewhat cold reunion, thankfully short lived. Phare, the Radiant Judge of the temple, was quick to bring Grael up to date on the temples dealings since his last visit, primarily a band of kobolds that had been raiding trade caravans about a half a days ride north of Silverymoon, and doing so while shouting Amaunators name.

This naturally was distressing for the temple, and causing some public relations issues. Grael quickly took up the cause and was happy to see Mikael also eager to deal with them. While long term efforts are more dubious, Grael could trust Mikael to be Mikael, and with this they shared a common goal.

They quickly were able to make their way north to the location of the attacks and find the ruins the kobolds were hiding out in. Inside they found the natural caves gave way to what was once a rather elaborate complex, and quickly dispatched the guards once Mikael stopped impaling himself on traps. Further in they found the elite commandos were in the primary shrine area, along with their prophet and focus of their worship, a giant beholder statue. It would seem the kobolds had discovered the hidden beholder cult temple and mistakenly associated the beholder with Amaunator.

Vastly out numbered, and with the kobold commandos proving a capable challenge, Grael and Mikael managed through strategic maneuvers to force the kobolds to flee. They then found two dead prisoners, and with them along with some goods and loot, returned victorious to the inn. The older dead man was revived, but the child did not heed the call. Roland meanwhile went through the remains and did his best to aid in his specialty, intelligence gathering. In the end however there was little to be had. What little was garnered was sent along with a report to the Argent Legion, that they might deal with the remainder of the kobold tribe.

Net Gain for Grael and Mikael: 700 gp each, Mikael gained an additional convert.



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