d'Vau's Laboratory and Arcanarium

The ever reliable Roland d’Vau has worked alongside Grael for some time, usually aiding in research and crafting of specific gear. While Grael distrusts his fellow adventurers, and Roland tends to stand by his ally, neither of them are against taking advan.. err, assisting them in their own needs as well.

To this end Roland will be happy to craft magical arms, armor, wondrous items, rings and eventually more, for those willing to pay his price. To his credit, he does offer a solid value, charging only a modest 50% mark up instead of the 100% mark up the typical merchants do.

Roland then uses these funds for advancing his own ability to research and craft.


Rolands added funds will go to him upgrading his workshop with various items that will increase his functionality, these things range from a +4 int headband to grant him a +2 on his crafting rolls, to potentially, assuming DM allows, purchasing a book collection on a subject and granting him a bonus in his knowledge checks to such. Occasionally I might just have him craft some random items that could be potentially useful, but the party would rarely buy for themselves, like a potion of jump once he can pick up craft potions. Not something we would ever buy ourselves, but potentially useful in some scenarios. These care packages could be quite useful.

I Imagine Roland as a charlie, oracle, professor x, etc. The guy who never leases base, but aids the party in other ways in order to help them succeed.

If you have a character that wants to focus on X ability, I am happy to let roland pursue something else, as a PC you’ll be better at it anyway, he is just to supplement us in areas we lack, not to overshadow PC’s.

d'Vau's Laboratory and Arcanarium

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