The Witch betrayed us, why am I not surprised? Fucking witch...

I am a man whose destiny it is to see the return a lost god, and even I wouldn't be so arrogant as to rip the shadow weave from one god and force it upon another. This affliction upon Mystra will have ramifications I can scarce imagine, not the least of which upon the chosen. Shar will, and can not, be happy, and who can say what Mystra herself thinks on the subject.

Is the ink gone? Is there some yet left? Surely people who are in the know will be curious as well. What has a Lady gained by altering her god if she brings the wrath of gods and men upon her to do it. Not the least of which is myself.

Aris, Talis, Alustriel, they will pay the price of betrayal eventually.
- Journal of Grael Amaun

The Year Apart

After the betrayal at the keep, Grael abandoned his allies, especially those devoted to other gods, as untrustworthy and treacherous. Just as he would seek to obey his god, Mikael would turn upon him at the whim of his god, and the others were more mercenary, and none shared his goal. Unfortunately he would be forced to remain connected to them through his investment. The Inn of the Sacked Druid had proved a good investment, providing a steady if modest profit. For his part Grael used it as a base for his follows, converts who had seen the light, and had reinvested his profits accordingly.

Grael himself rarely visits Silverymoon, prefering to spend his time traveling between cities in the marches, seeking new converts and information about lost temples and treasures of Amaunator, as well finding out about potential cracks in the marches armor and potential political enemies to Alustriel. Notably during one of his excursion into the Anauroch desert, he located a apprentice mage by the name of Roland d’Vau. Rolands master, a cruel mage named Yorick, had managed to capture Grael, but over the weeks he managed to convert the apprentice and with his help escape. Roland has acted as his second in command in regards to his interest in the inn, and Rolands knowledge has been useful in his furthered studies and excursions.

His travels are often solitary, being wary of those not of his flock, and preferring to keep those who are doing things that offer relative safety. His precious few converts are just that, precious. It is the habit of lonely excursions with perhaps but a hireling that has seen him captured at least once, and forced to flee more than once.

Now he makes his way back, as Roland has informed him of the partners desire to meet face to face, he hopes this may present him with the opportunity to buy them out, or otherwise find a way to be rid of them once and for all.


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