Paladin Archetype - Divine Avatar

Divine Avatar

While all paladins are champions of their deities, divine champions look inward to for their expression of their gods will.

Add fly to your class skill list.

Divine Bond (Su)

Instead of choosing a divine bond with a weapon or mount, the divine champion takes the celestial spirit into herself, transforming into a form appropriate to her deity. The paladin can use the bond once per day at level 5, and an additional time per day every four levels thereafter, to a maximum of four at 17th level. The duration of the bond is one minute per paladin level.

Dragon Deity

The paladins chosen deity is a deity of dragons or closely associated with them.

Draconic Bond (Su)

When transformed she takes on scales and other draconic features to her appearance. The color of the scales are determined by the dragon she most identifies with, which must be chosen when she gains this ability and cannot be changed later.

Starting at 5th upon calling upon her bond she transforms, granting her a +2 to AC, and an elemental resistance of 5 to acid, cold, electricity or fire based on the dragon type she selected.

At 8th level she gains dragon like wings which can be used to fly at a speed of 30ft with average maneuverability for the duration of her bond.

At 11th level she gains darkvision 120ft, and blindsense 10ft, and her elemental resistance increases to 10.

At 14th level she gains a breath weapon of a type akin to her dragon type, and her AC bonus increases to 4.

At 17th level the divine champion increases her elemental resistance to 15, and her blind sense extends to 30ft

At 20th level she now has scales of a type the matches her deity, granting damage reduction of 10/-, elemental resistance of 20, an AC bonus of +6, and her fly speed increases to 60ft.

Draconic Champion (Su)

Upon reaching 20th level the Draconic Champion has inspired a dragon to seek it out to serve as mount and companion. This is almost always a bronze dragon, though there have been others dragon types in rare cases. This mount uses the rules used for a dragonsteed as presented in the dragonrider class.

This ability replaces the holy champion, and channel positive energy.

If this companion is slain it can only be replaced by once again proving herself worthy by completing some great deed.

Paladin Archetype - Divine Avatar

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