Silver Marches

Capital: Silverymoon
Population: 1,090,800 (humans 40%, dwarves 20%, elves 20%,
half-elves 10%, halflings 5%, gnomes 2%, half-orcs 2%)
Government: Confederation of lords headed by Alustriel of
Religions: Corellon Larethian, Helm, Lathander, Lurue, Mielikki,
Moradin, Mystra, Oghma, Selune, Sune, Tymora
Imports: Armor, books, manufactured goods, pottery, spices, wine
Exports: Dwarven and elven craftwork, furs, heroes, precious metals
Alignment: LG, NG, CG

The Silver Marches (formerly known as Luruar) is bordered by the Anauroch desert to the east, the High Forest to the south, the Savage Frontier to the west and the Spine of the World mountain range to the north.


Regions of Interest

Silver Marches

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