The Roads Ahead

The road goes ever ever on, and for the past year the Company of the Sacked Druid have all walked separate paths. The events that transpired in Hellgate Keep changed Faerûn but like all great events the people there were changed just as dramatically. The magic of the Realms has shifted in a way not seen since the Time of Troubles and so in the past year our heroes have had to learn how the world has been changed along with how they themselves have been.

It is now the summer of 1376 DR and the company gathers in Silverymoon for their annual meeting to discuss the Inn and Theatre. Most the business is easily handled however four proposals have come in requesting to hire the adventure’s again. Each one is moderately time sensitive so it is doubtful the company will be able to take on more than one of the four.

From Alustriel Silverhand on behalf of The League of the Silver Marches

Adventures, I hope this missive finds you well. This is the first time I have had the opportunity to reach all of you at once so let me first start by apologizing for the actions of Talis and Aris. While I won’t pretend that I don’t view the events that happened at Hellgate primarily a success the fact that they abandoned you to complete what was a secondary mission unhindered is unacceptable; a fact that has been made abundantly clear to them.

The Marches would like to employ you again. There are signs that a significant remnant of the Zhenterim army is organizing in the Cold Vale. This incursion into can not be tolerated and any plans they may have must be stopped. We would offer 25,000gp as a reward for dealing with this issue if you are so interested. Please contact High Marshall Methrammar Aerasumé within the month should you chose to accept and he will inform you of all the intelligence we have on the enemy.

From Tessarin Alaurun, First Speaker of Nesme

The Company of the Sacked Druid has faced down some impressive foes and Nesme has need of such heroes. The trolls always at our boarders are growing more and more restless and I fear that again they are being stirred by outside forces. I would like to contract you to discover what threat has caused this unrest and to put an end to it. Payment will start at 15,000gp and may increase due to the level of danger you discover and are able to eliminate. Also I will personally see to it that each of you is rewarded with a useful magical item for your assistance. Please contact me in Nesme withing the next 6 weeks so that we may discuss details.

From Torin Undermeadow

Hail and well-met adventures. I am Torin Undermeadow, a trader who specializing in always knowing what I need to know. I have some interesting information regarding the escaped forces from Hellgate keep and the whereabouts of your missing companion. information I would be happy to give you for proper compension. I will be staying at the Three Rings Tavern for the next three weeks should you wish to find me.

From King Harbromm of Citadel Adbar

These fool politicians of the Silver Marches will talk us to death so the orcs that bide their time can just come and collected the corpse we leave behind if we do not act soon. I am personally hiring adventuring groups to scout out and do whatever damage possible to the orc kingdom sitting on our northern boarder. Someone must step up and act as the politicians bicker. Pay would be based on accomplishments but I assure you that you would be well compensated for your actions. Present yourselves in Citadel Adbar within the next five weeks so you can be given details of the mission.

The Roads Ahead

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