Hey guys,
I’ve been thinking for a few months that now that we have a manageable and core group again it would be nice to return to how it all started and revive the DSMC. So when Wakka asked about what we would like to do next I spoke up that this might be a good time to brush off the dust and start up again. Head over to the adventure log to see a write up of the story I am proposing for the group to see if this is something you would be interested in.

We have all grown a great deal as a group and as individual players (and hopefully for me at least some as a DM) since we first started on the journey through the Barrow of the Forgotten King. We’ve experimented with lots of different things and some of them worked and others didn’t. Some of the things that I think have worked are Pathfinder rules and the Framework so I would want to use those if everyone agreed. That would mean reworking your characters but I doubt many of you actually still have your old char sheets anyways. There will be a character creation wiki page with the rules for reworking/re-rolling your characters. Take a look around and see if this what you guys want to do.

Dove's Silver Marches Campaign

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