Dove's Silver Marches Campaign

On the Trail...

Leaving the vortex, the party travels but a brief distance before Grael draws to a halt and turns, looking at the fellows who now claim the name of the Sacked Druid Company. He is slow to speak, looking at each of them in turn.

“This fellowship is on shaky ground, the currency by which we operate, trust, is in short supply, this must be remedied.” he begins, his tone measured, and neutral. “We have fought and bled together, but we are not yet one.” He sighs, looking down then, returning his gaze to the rest of them. “I am an ambitious man, there is no mistaking that, and much I am willing to sacrifice for my goals. I will not sacrifice those who place their trust in me, not so long as there is a choice. None of you share my goals, but this fellowship serves my ends as well as your own, trust in my ambition if nothing else.” He turns, taking up his stride, continuing on the path, saying only one last thing. “If we do not work as a team, this fellowship will fail, and I have too many relying on me to allow that.”



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