Party Loot

The loot of kings


+1 Great Sword
+1 Low Bow
+1 Chain Shirt
2 cure moderate wounds
1 potion of bull strength
2115 gp
50 sheets of parchment
10 vials of ink
2 potions
1 Potion cure Serious
Flag of Sundabar
1 Scroll of toungs
1 Scroll of Silent Image
1 Scroll of Rope trick
1 Scroll of darkness
1 Scroll of Arcane lock
1 Scroll of Shocking grasp
1 Scroll of Enlarge person
Wand of charm person 23 charges
+1 Dagger 1d6 fire
Pro alignment scrolls
Burning hands scrolls
Total Exp as of 10/2/11: 53000


Party Loot

Dove's Silver Marches Campaign Boarthephoenix