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  • The Darkening of the Weave

    A year ago the world changed changed. The scribes of Mystra's church have started calling this event "The Darkening of the Weave" but already the common people are calling it the "Inkclasm." h3. The Decent into Hellgate Ao's Ink, the tool used to …

  • The Year of Apart

    This area is for everyone to tell what they did in the year after Hellgate. * [[Garret]] - Kory * [[Grael]] - Mr. Wakka * [[Kairi]] - Mina * [[Mikael]] - Brian * [[Than]] - Boar

  • The Roads Ahead

    The road goes ever ever on, and for the past year the Company of the Sacked Druid have all walked separate paths. The events that transpired in Hellgate Keep changed Faerûn but like all great events the people there were changed just as dramatically. The …

  • Kairi

    Kairi was capture in the final battle of Hellgate keep. Her location and condition are currently unknown.

  • Grael


    Story and Plot

    Here is where any pages relating to events in the campaign will be located. * [[The Darkening of the Weave]] * [[The Year of Apart]] ** [[Garret]] - Kory ** [[Grael]] - Mr. Wakka ** [[Kairi]] - Mina ** [[Mikael]] - Brian ** [[Than]] - Boar * [[ …

  • Goals

    In order to facilitate roleplay and direction in the campaign each player character is required to always have at least three goal: A short term goal, a mi-term goal, and a long term goal. Completing or acting towards these goals will earn characters hero …

  • Grael's Goals

    * Symbol of Amaunator, in order to become a Sunmaster. (Complete) * Restoration of Amaunator (Long Term) * Death of Aris and Talis (Short-mid) * Hinder, or otherwise disrupt the efforts of Alustriel (Short-Long) * Kill Alustriel (Long Term) * …

  • Than

    Than sat at the wooden table one of the guard posts in Triboar, his mug filled with the weak ale that was common there. While he rested he thought back to the debacle at Hellgate, the disappearance of Kairi and the treachery of his fellow companions. Time …

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