Amaunator is the former greater power from the time of Netheril, wherein he was the chief deity of the Netherese people, and concerned with law, order, contracts, and to some degree time. He was harsh, but fair, and widely revered and respected. Following the folly of Karthus, as Netheril quite literally fell, he did nothing. To the deity of law, contracts and order, it was outside his jurisdiction to intercede either in the affairs of Mystra, or the people of Netheril.

This was neither out of disdain or malice, but simply by acting out his role as he was bound to do. This lack of compassion resulted in him losing favor as the countless people who revered him saw him in a new uncaring light. As his followers diminished he became weaker, and most turned away to other deities, such as the new solar deity called Lathander.

After a long painful process he grew too weak to maintain his holdings, and was pushed into the astral plane, wherein his corpse remains, awaiting one day perhaps a new interest by someone to cause his return.

The Church of Amaunator (Graelite)

The church of Amaunator in Silverymoon is entirely composed of graelites, which is to say they are faithful who follow the teachings of Amaunator as taught by Grael. The hierarchy does not closely follow the original from Netheril, primarily because relatively little is known of the exact nature of it. Instead it more closely resembles a mixture of modern churches with a touch of the original from what recovered records Grael has found. In general it is a hierarchal structure, with Grael as its leader, however he does not use the title Righteous Potentate, perhaps because he is unaware of it, or he thinks it sounds silly. Sunlord instead being his chosen title.


Grael promotes a different perspective on Amaunator than was commonly seen around the time of Netheril. While at that time he was primarily venerated as the deity of law, of unflinching adherence to law, to the letter, Grael instead emphasizes the solar aspect and Amaunators other aspects; though still maintaining a clear obedience to law and order. This shift in focus is both practical and personal. On the one hand it was the overwhelming adherence to law, without thought of compassion, which heralded Amaunators fall. However, even had that not been the case, talk of contracts and the like is hardly a rousing way to attract converts. On the other hand, from a personal perspective Grael has had relatively little dealings with law and contracts, his time has been spent delving in dark abandoned temples and the like, and tends to speak from what he knows best.

In practice this means the following:

  • To uphold and serve the law, for it is what allows civilization to flourish.
  • Stand against the darkness, for no shadow can stand against the light.
  • To rule justly with order, for chaos breeds corruption.

As an extension of these it could then be said that the duty of a follower is to be lawful, be true to his promises and contracts, to stand between the innocent and the dark, and for rulers to govern with law and order, and that they are not above the law themselves.


Businessmen, merchants, anyone whom would benefit from contract creation, negation, dispute resolution, etc. Politicians, nobles, and others in a ruling position might see benefit, especially politicians seeking to curry favor as being just or lawful, such as a constitutionalist. Anyone who lives by the law or makes living from it would have obvious reasons why they might consider following him. Other potential worshippers include adventurers, people afraid of the dark, and fans of Natasha Bedingfield – Pocketful Of Sunshine, She & Him – In The Sun, Coldplay – In The Sun, The Doors – Waiting for the sun, Nightwish – Sleeping Sun, Richard Durand – Always The Sun, Terry Jacks – Seasons of the Sun, Mike Oldfield – The Song of the Sun, and most importantly, The Beatles- Here Comes The Sun.


Two prominent heresies involve Amaunator, the Risen Sun, which believes Lathander is Amaunator, and the three faced sun heresy that suggests that the sun portfolio is three parts and cyclical. It is the official position of the Graelites that the Risen Sun is nonsense, and that the three faced sun no longer applies.

The three sun heresy was true; however, the cycle was broken. With the fall of Amaunator, the time of Jergal and the coming of Lathander, things happened that interfered with the natural proper cycle, all of it laying the blame at the feet of mortals interfering with divine affairs. Jergal was without a doubt dominant if not before, after Amaunators fall from grace, however he was challenged by three mortals, and dusk fell to Myrkul. This prematurely ended the dominance of dusk, and lead to the talfiric deity of the dawn rising to power. He then attempted to alter all the gods with the dawn cataclysm, and to further complicate the issue Myrkul was slain by mortals who then never absorbed the portfolio of dusk.

In the end the cycle is broken, and it is the duty of the Amaunatori to see the deity restored, as time will offer them no aid on the subject.

The Magic Sun Son Heresy

The magic sun son heresy, or simply son heresy, is only partially related to Amaunator, and primarily is heretical to the church of Lathander. This heresy puts forth that the deity known as lathander who rose to power after the fall of netheril is in fact the love child of Amaunator and Mystryl. While no evidence exists of a relationship between two explicitly being noted anywhere, it is based on circumstantial evidence, primarily related to the portfolios the deities had.

Both Amaunator and Mystryl shared the time portfolio, presumably due to a contract error, a potential source that would lead to the two being together in discussions. Amaunator, a deity of law who was always exact in acting in exact accordance overlooked the issue and never tried to assert his authority against Mystryls claim on the same portfolio.

Both of these deities existed at the same time, and in the same pantheon, yet in regards to this error never resolved it, something that is somewhat irregular for Amaunator if not Mystryl. This relationship could also add to the deafening silence of Amaunator during the fall of netheril. With Mystryls sacrifice he was stricken with grief, unable to care for his followers in the face of this loss.

Enter Lathander, a new deity that came out of seemingly nowhere, and featuring portfolios that were once both Amaunators, and Mystryls. It is then surmised based on these theories and circumstantial evidence that Lathander is actually the child of the two. Amaunator turned his back upon those who had caused the death of his love, and as a result Lathander took up the remaining portfolios of Mystryl as well as those of his mourning father.


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