Campaign Trait - Heroes of the Marches

Each of you has become a hero either in the Marches or getting there. As such you each will have a unique trait.

Circe: Witch of the North – The cold of your home infuses your body making you impervious to heat. A number of times per day equal to your Wisdom Modifier, as a swift action, you may gain fire resistance 5 for a full round. This resistance increases to 10 at level 12. This ability may be used as an immediate action but when used this way the resistance will only last through the current creature’s turn.

Ephram: Touched by Genies – The blood of Genies runs in your veins and you have always understood magic well. You gain a +1 bonus to all Knowledge (Arcana) and Spellcraft skill checks.

Evin: Moonwell Adept – You are use to manipulating the natural energy of ley-lines and Moonwells. Once per day you may use the power of nature to cast one 1st level spell that appears on your spell list as a Spell=Like Ability. At level 12 this allows you to choose any spell of third level or lower.

Garret: Escaped Slave – Now that you have escaped from slavery you have trained to be sure that you are never locked up like that again. You gain a +2 bonus on all disable device checks to open a lock.

Greal: Favored of the Sun – Your work for Amaunator has not gone unnoticed by your deity even in his repose. Once per day as an immediate action you may re-roll any single dice roll associated with a spell that appears on your domain list. You may also use this ability to a single creature targeted or in the area of effect of such a spell to re-roll. The second roll must be taken. This must be announced before the result of the first roll is determined.

Mikael: Bahamut’s Love – Your God loves you and it shows. Once per day you may add an additional Mercy to a use of your Lay on Hands ability. This Mercy must be from at least one lower then the highest tier of mercies you can access. (i.e. If you are 9th level you must choose a mercy that became available to you at 6th or 3rd level.)

Than: Stubborn as a Mule – You have had enough of enemies telling you what to do. You gain a +1 bonus on will saves against charm and compulsion effects. At 12th level this bonus increases to +2.

Campaign Trait - Heroes of the Marches

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