Character Creation

For updating characters to Pathfinder or making new characters for the campaign use the following guidelines


  • 5d6 Take the highest three 6 times
  • re-roll anything less then 8
  • Highest state becomes 18 if it isn’t already
  • Arrange to taste


  • Standard Humans and Demi-humans
  • Anything else needs approval
  • No level adjusted races


  • Start at level 9
  • All Pathfinder Base Classes
  • All Pathfinder Prestige Classes
  • 3.5 Classes and Prestige Classes will only be converted if absolutely necessary. I would prefer not to do this at all.


  • 40,000gp to start.
  • Spend no more than a 1/4th on any single item
  • Items that you had previously on your character count towards this total but if they do not exist in Pathfinder talk to me and we will convert them
  • You will own a percentage of the The Sacked Druid Inn, this is to be determined depending on how many players we have.


  • Medium XP Progression
  • Start at 95,000

Character Creation

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