Silverymoon, the Gem of the North, is a large metropolis that is the primary signatory of the Silver Marches Confederation, leading most to consider it the capitol. It is a Constitutional Magocratic Republic (!?), currently lead by Taern Hornblade. How exactly a magocracy can be a republic, constitutional or otherwise, is a subject best left to others.1

It has a aesthetic that merges nature and civilization mirroring Myth Drannor, which it tries to emulate in other ways as well. Silvermoon has a Mythal maintained by High Lady Alustriel and the other mages of the city. It blocks the use of summoning magics, fire spells, and teleportation magics; forbids entry to any of an evil monstrous race, and assists in many other minor ways to the protection of the city. The city exports books, paper, furniture, herbs, inks, glass/glass-wears, furs, timber, and valuable ore.

Notable is the fact that the army of the confederation resides here under High Marshal Aerasume, and is also plays homes to the Lady Alustriel, the leader of the confederation and former ruler of the city.

1 The Author’s confusion while understandable can be alleviated. Due to the Mythal it is necessary for Silverymoon’s ruler to be a powerful arcane spellcaster hence a magocracy. However that mage is elected and subject to the constitution and a body law as are all citizens, thus functioning as a constitutional republic.


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