The Darkening of the Weave

A year ago the world changed changed. The scribes of Mystra’s church have started calling this event “The Darkening of the Weave” but already the common people are calling it the “Inkclasm.”

The Decent into Hellgate

Ao’s Ink, the tool used to write the laws and history of the universe, had the power to reshape the universe and it was discovered that a few drops still existed. Hidden away in Hellgate Keep until it was discovered by the Banites. This information was quickly leaked to the Cyricists and both groups sent armies to the Silver Marches in an attempt to destroy the other. Our heroes were sent by the Silver Marches council to get a hold of the ink first and keep it out of either groups hands. Unknown to them one of their members however had secret orders.

Shar’s Scream

The adventures worked their way deep into the bowls of the shattered keep, fighting demons and other left over denizens of the keep. However about halfway through their trek Aris the eldritch knight and Talis the wizard were separated from the group. However, our heroes persevered and finally met the arch-demon rules of the keep. Engaged in combat they were poised for victory when a scream filled the air, in fact a scream filled the air in all of Faerûn that was in dark or shadow. Aris and Talis had broken through the defensive magics of the keep and taken the ink. They then accomplished their secret mission of stripping Shar of the shadow weave and returning all magic to Mystra’s control.

The demons, realizing the protections on Hellgate had been removed, took the opportunity they finally had to escape bake to their home plane. However, before anyone could react Keiri was captured by the fleeing demons and what happened to her remains a mystery. The keep itself began to tremble as it came under assault by legions of shadows and dark creatures. The party escaped barely and fled back to Silverymoon where the story of what had finally happened reached their ears along with the reward from the council.

The Aftermath

The Darkening caused the following to happen in the realms:

  • Mystra’s temples where shrouded in darkness for a full fortnight that could not be dispelled by any means.
  • Mystra’s Alignment changed to True Neutral
  • Mystra’s symbols all changed across Faerûn to have the lower right star turned black.
  • Shar became an intermediate deity
  • Shadow Weave magic still functions as it did
  • The Zhenterim withdrew their armies but roving bands of deserter still hunt the Marches.
  • The City of Shade disappeared again at the moment of the Darkening, presumably thrust back into the demi-plane of shadow. The reason for this is unclear but may have to do with the city’s connection to Shar. Some mages that were not in the city are now trying to find a way to return it once again.
  • The Phaerimm are significantly decreased in power but now are basically unopposed in there homeland and are rebuilding their forces.

The Darkening of the Weave

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